The Law Offices of Gordon C. Rhea

Other Interests

Mr. Rhea is a nationally acclaimed historian.  He has lectured extensively on topics of military history at the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, at several National Military Parks, and at historical societies and civil war round tables across the country.  He had been a member of numerous boards of directors of historical societies, magazines, and historic preservation organizations, including the Civil War Library and Museum, Philadelphia, and North and South magazine.  Mr. Rhea has appeared on History Channel, A&E Channel, and Discovery Channel in programs related to American history and has written scores of articles for various scholarly and popular publications.  His books, which are considered authoritative in their fields, include: 

To Appomattox

To Appomattox, HBO Mini series (2013)

Historical Advisor

Considered the foremost authority on the Overland Campaign, historian Gordon C. Rhea has written several books on the subject, including those focusing on the battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and Cold Harbor, as well as the North Anna River Campaign. He has joined the long list of historians that will be advising on the screenplay and production of the To Appomattox miniseries. 

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